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Totti Would Love to Work with Tonali
Totti Would Love to Work with Tonali
Totti Would Love to Work with Tonali
Football Totti Would Love to Work with Tonali

Totti Would Love to Work with Tonali

Roma legend Francesco Totti expressed his respect for Brescia footballer Sandro Tonali, revealing that he wishes to be the agent of the teenager.

Totti unveiled his latest player agency in February because he is trying to remain in the game in any way following his resignation because management of the Roma club in June last year.

Totti has already joined Tonali’s huge list of admirers, naming the 19-year-old as one of the greatest midfielders in the world. In a live chat with former Azzurri teammate Christian Vieri on Instagram, Totti said: “Now that I’m intensively interested in recruiting, I can only say there are many successful young players there. Tonali is the most talented among them.

However, rather than only admiring from away, the former Italy has now announced that he intends to become the agent of the youth because he believes he is the right person to support his future:

“I’m certainly trying to do whatever I can to convince him to enter my agency. If he’s wise, he’ll come because he doesn’t want to stay around, so even though everything also depends on the demand and whether football returns.”

Totti said earlier that he hopes that Tonali will become one of the greatest players in the world. “He’ll become one of the world’s greatest central midfielders, like Gerrard, De Rossi or Lampard,” he told television host Paolo Bonolis on Thursday during an Instagram Live chat.

The young Brescia starlet has only made his professional debut less than three years ago, but he is already an established maximum Italian and drawing attention from some of the biggest clubs in Europe.

Barcelona, Juventus, Inter and Milan all reportedly have eyes on the player.