Tennis News: Karen Andrews, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister, says Novak Djokovic is “free to go at any time”; family and fan protests continue

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Tennis News: While the Serb’s family and fans continue to protest, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews has stated that Novak Djokovic is “free to depart at any time” and is not being imprisoned.

The 34-year-old is being kept in isolation at the Park Hotel in Carlton, Melbourne, until his appeal against the Australian Border Force’s decision to cancel his entrance visa and deport him is heard. On Monday, the appeal will be heard.

Djokovic has never said if he has been vaccinated against Covid-19, but he has criticised mandates requiring players to be double-jabbed and announced on social media that he had acquired “exemption clearance” before leaving.

However, as he waits in quarantine for his appeal against visa cancellation to be heard, Australia Home Affairs Minister Andrews insisted that Djokovic was not being held under duress in the nation.

She told ABC, “Mr Djokovic is not being held captive in Australia.”

“He is free to leave whenever he wants, and Border Force will actually assist him in doing so.

“All detainees in immigration detention are treated honestly and equitably.”

She continued, ” “Although a visa has been approved, admission is not guaranteed.

“He (Djokovic), like any other person seeking entrance to Australia, must meet the entry requirements, which at this time include medical proof of vaccination or, alternatively, medical reasons why that person cannot be vaccinated.”

“He hasn’t met the admission standards – there’s a lot of talk about the visa, but that isn’t the issue, in my opinion; it’s the entry requirements…

that he was unable to provide the proof required for entrance into Australia.”

Djokovic’s failure to get inoculated was a “huge mistake,” according to Becker

According to his former coach Boris Becker, Novak Djokovic is making a “huge mistake” if he does not get inoculated against Covid-19.

Becker, a former world No. 1 who won the Australian Open twice and three Wimbledon singles crowns, had a fruitful three-year relationship with Djokovic that includes six Grand Slam victories.

The 54-year-old retains a tight friendship with the Serb, but believes their approaches to coronavirus protection are completely different.

“I think he’s making a tremendous mistake not being vaccinated on this time,” Becker told the Daily Mail. “It’s one that could jeopardise the rest of his career and his chance to be crowned the greatest player of all time.”

Nadal: Djokovic was aware of the dangers | Parents: He’s being crucified

Rafael Nadal has chastised Djokovic for “not respecting the rules,” while the Serb’s parents claim he is a “scapegoat” and that his treatment is motivated by a “political agenda.”

According to Nadal, “He could play without difficulty if he so desired.

“He has taken his own stand, and everyone is free to do the same. However, there are ramifications. I’m not fond of the scenario. I feel terrible for him in some ways.

“But he had been aware of the circumstances for months. He chose his own path.”

Kyrgios: Australia, do better

Nick Kyrgios of Australia has since taken to Twitter to demand that his country “do better” in its treatment of Djokovic.

“Look, I completely believe in taking action; I was vaccinated for the sake of others and my mother’s health, but the way we’re handling Novak’s issue is horrible, really bad,” the world number 93 wrote.

“Like these memes and headlines, this is one of our great champions, but he is only human at the end of the day.” “Be a better person.”

What went wrong with Djokovic at the Australian Open?

Djokovic travelled to Australia on a ‘vaccine exemption’ and landed in Melbourne on Wednesday, but was denied admission after nine hours at the airport.

The Serb’s visa, which did not allow for medical exemptions, was revoked, and he was placed in hotel quarantine while his team filed an appeal, which was postponed until Monday.

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