Tennis News: Despite a Covid-19 vaccine exemption for the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic was advised to “comply” with “strict border regulations”

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Tennis News: The Australian Prime Minister has warned that if Novak Djokovic’s evidence for a Covid-19 vaccine exemption to participate in the Australian Open is not good, he will be “on the next plane home.”

On Tuesday, Djokovic addressed weeks of suspense over his Grand Slam participation by announcing that he will compete after gaining an exemption from being double-jabbed – his vaccination status remains unknown, though he has been a vociferous opponent of required rulings.

“Anyone wishing to enter Australia must meet our border procedures,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated.

“He needs to because if he isn’t vaccinated, he must give sufficient documentation that he is unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons in order to be eligible for the same travel arrangements as fully vaccinated passengers.”

“As a result, we’re looking forward to his presentation and the evidence he presents to back it up.” If the evidence is insufficient, he will be treated the same as everyone else and will be sent home on the next plane.

“For Novak Djokovic, there should be no special regulations at all, none at all.”

“Any anybody trying to enter Australia must comply with our severe border standards,” Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said.

“While the Victorian Government and Tennis Australia may allow a non-vaccinated player to compete in the Australian Open, our restrictions will be enforced at the Australian border by the Commonwealth Government.”

“Since December 15, 2021, fully vaccinated eligible visa holders can travel to Australia without a travel exemption and enter eligible states and territories without being quarantined.

“If an arriving individual is not vaccinated, they must produce appropriate confirmation that they are unable to be vaccinated for to medical reasons in order to travel on the same itinerary as fully vaccinated passengers.

“The Australian Border Force will continue to guarantee that individuals who cross our border do so in accordance with our stringent border requirements.”

According to Australian Open promoter Craig Tiley, an independent commission assessed 26 petitions for vaccination exemptions and rubber-stamped “a few.”

“No one is getting special treatment because of who they are,” Jaala Pulford, Victoria’s acting State Sports Minister, claimed.

Federer, on the other hand, will be unable to compete in Melbourne owing to injury, despite the fact that Nadal has recovered from Covid-19 in time to compete.

On January 17, the Grand Slam begins.

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