Nicole Gibbs announces her retirement from tennis at age of 27, as she plans to take up law

Source : Sky Sports

American tennis player Nicole Gibbs has announced her retirement from the sport, revealing that she plans to enrol in Law school this Autumn. The 27-year-old – ranked 172nd on the WTA Tour – achieved a career-high of No. 68 in 2016, and claimed seven singles titles and five doubles titles on the ITF circuit.

“Facing down the barrel of an uncertain tour landscape for the coming years and a growing awareness that I was ready to move on to the next chapter, I re-enrolled to finish my one remaining year at Stanford,” Gibbs wrote on Twitter. “While I often grappled with the possibility of a comeback, inertia seemed to pull me to a new future; one full of all the past-times I never got to fully enjoy when my life was so devoted to tennis.”

“Being the type of person I am, I was uncomfortable with the idea of declaring an end to my tennis without a clear next step laid out in front of me. While I have yet to receive decisions, I have sent out applications to seven law schools with the intent to enrol this fall,” she added. “My dreams and ambitions are continuously morphing and crystalising as I go through this transition, but I know I wish to work in public service; to give a voice to those who are institutionally silenced or sequestered to the margins of society.”



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