Nadal : If Roland Garros is safe, I’ll be there.


The world no.2 and all time tennis great made this statement, ahead of his birthday, during an interview with French TV program Stade 2.

Nadal said, “I do not look to the future in a professional way but in a medical way to preserve the health of all tournament workers, ATP workers and all players. I see an uncertain, complicated situation, but things never you know how they evolve.”

The player added, “If you can compete safely, with the same possibilities for everyone, because we come from different parts of the world, and everyone can participate, I will be there. But today we must go with caution and responsibility to make the right decisions to guarantee the health of all of us who make up the world of tennis.”

Nadal : If Roland Garros is safe, I'll be there.

He went on, “I am fine. I have been two months and something without being able to leave the house. Luckily, I have machines that have allowed me to do physical training. Now I have been training for a couple of weeks, but very little by little. I do not train every day I am training progressively, slowly and with the utmost caution. The goal is to be ready for when you can play again and right now we don’t know.”

He also spoke about his birthday celebration, “We replaced the Roland Garros terrace with the zoom. We have no choice but to live with what we have and right now what we have is the zoom and not the Roland Garros terrace, unfortunately.”



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