It will be difficult for me – Simona Halep


The World no.2 started the year on a good note as she lifted her 20th WTA trophy of her career in Dubai. She was preparing for the Miami Open but the pandemic put everything to a halt.

Th player revealed, “My longest break before the lockdown has been of 3-4 weeks and [returning to competitions] was very difficult for me. You lose pace, you lose focus … and then physically, if you idle about for a whole week you’ve lost half a year.”

It will be difficult for me - Simona Halep

It’s been three months since she’s played a single professional match. Naturally she is skeptical about regaining her perfect form.

She said, “I don’t know what others have done during this time, maybe some did training runs, maybe they did strength workouts, I don’t know, I can’t assume. But I feel it on my own skin that it will be a bit difficult for me. It matters a lot that I haven’t had official matches. You can train five hours a day for a whole year, if you are not on an official game, you’re out when you step on court … I mean, you’re not in the game at all. There’s a big difference.” 



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