Coco Gauff focusing on plotting her own course to success in tennis

Source : Sky Sports

Tennis sensation Coco Gauff has revealed that she is now spending less time on social media and focusing on plotting her success. She knocked out her idol Venus Williams at Wimbledon in 2019 and expectations have remained high since then. To keep up with these expectations she has started to spend a lot less time on social media while concentrating more on her tennis.

“I think I was just trying not to be on social media as much because a lot of people have opinions on you and how they think you should play,” Gauff said. “But I think it’s important that you focus on your journey, your path, and you’re going to have a different path than other players. That’s what I’ve been working on lately, is just focusing on my journey and my path.”

Gauff is currently 36th in the world and is hoping to improve on her best ever ranking of 35 but understands that she needs to be patient. “I think you want results to happen fast, but I’m also still developing my game and figuring out how I want to play on the court and how I want to construct my points,” the 17-year-old added.


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