Billie Jean King talks about equality in tennis

Billie Jean King equality

Tennis pioneer Billie Jean King opens up about equality in tennis and what does having the Fed Cup named after her means. King revealed her hopes for the World Cup of women’s tennis. King who won 39 Grand Slam titles has been a champion for social change, equality and freedom in general and not only in tennis.

“It means all cultures, all people have a seat at the table, they have to have a voice and to be heard and we have to listen,” Billie Jean King said while addressing equality. “It’s really important to show up, stand up and speak up.”

King has been an excellent ambassador for the women’s game. She has known the world over for her contribution both on and off the court. The Fed Cup was recently named the Billie Jean Cup after her.

“It’s such an honour. I still call it the Fed Cup as I played in the Federation Cup in 1963 as an 18-year-old,” she added. “It’s such an honour to be such a big part of this – I hope we can listen to people like you Anne and the players, as we want to make this right. We want to push forward with gender equality and we want to make it better all the time for the players.”



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