Andy Murray reveals interest in becoming a golf caddie after tennis career

Source : Sky Sports

Andy Murray would like to become a golf caddie once he eventually hangs up his boots. The former World Number One is recovering from multiple hip surgeries and caddying would be a nice way to stay in touch with the sport.

“I love sport, so something else that would interest me post-playing would be working in another sport,” Murray said. “I got asked about this a little while ago and, because I really like golf, being a caddie on a golf tour would be exciting – to be up close and personal with top golfers and to learn about another sport like that.”

Murray was forced to withdraw from the Miami Open last week following a mysterious groin injury he suffered in his sleep. Murray said that he trained solely from home during the lockdown and even took up mountain bike riding for the first time in his life. He said that he took it up solely for fitness purposes at first but really enjoyed it over time.

“For the first two months of lockdown, all of my training was done at home. I was doing a lot of cardio work and, for the first time in my life, I did some road biking,” he added. “To begin with, I got a bike just to be able to go out and exercise. But I got quite into it. I really enjoyed it, actually.”


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