Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Receive One-match Bans in the Cup


The sports referee of the Italian Football League has punished the strikers of Inter and Milan, Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with one-match ban in the Cup.

Lukaku and Ibrahimovic learned about the penalties they will receive for insulting each other in their conflict during the quarterfinal match played on Tuesday.

Due to the suspension, Lukaku will miss the first semifinal match against Juventus on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Ibrahimović will not have the right to play in Milan’s first match in the Cup next season.

Lukaku and Ibrahimović clashed in the penalty area of Milan during the first half and the main referee showed them a yellow card.

In the second half, Ibrahimović was sent off due to the second yellow card, and Inter reached a 2-1 victory with the player and advanced to the semifinals.


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