PSG Striker after Hat-trick in 1-4 Win over Barcelona: The Future?


PSG striker Kylian Mbappe spoke to reporters after his hat-trick against Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League 1/8 final (4-1).

“The future? I appreciate the PSG shirt and I keep it in my heart. What about my future? It would be foolish to decide anything based on one game. You have to think about it in the long term. I have always said that I am happy with everything here and matches like this make me happy,” said Mbappe to Marca.

“Criticism? Don’t take criticism personally, the greatest in history have been criticized. It’s not a problem. I play not to shut up the critics, but to help the team and enjoy the game,” he added.

“We came here to win. We did it – and in a very good manner. It’s an incredible match. But we haven’t achieved anything yet,” he said about the match.


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