PSG May Sell Kylian Mbappe for €200 million


According to Le Parisien, PSG have put a €200 million (£173 million) tag on Kylian Mbappe’s name.

If the Ligue 1 champions do not convince Mbappe to sign a long-term contract, they would not want to lose a world-class talent without a fee.

Mbappe is set to make more than €30m million gross per year on his next deal

And the new price does not discourage the Frenchman’s admirers, including Premier League rivals Manchester City and Liverpool, Real Madrid and Juventus, Le Parisien says.

Although those clubs may want him, it is uncertain whether they will be affordable for all of them.

Reports say that PSG would try to price their competitors in the Champions League out of a deal.


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