Neymar Da Silva Responds to Caen Coach after 1-0 in French Cup


Neymar Da Silva, the father of PSG forward Neymar, has responded to Caen coach Pascal Dupraz.

Dupraz stated after the teams’ 1/32 finals match in the French Cup (1-0): “I won’t cry, I’ll leave it to Neymar.”

“It’s true, my son has to cry, but not for the reasons you think. I think he cries because football has coaches like you, referees at that level, unhelpful and silent leagues, often biased journalists and also cowards,” the player’s father wrote on Instagram.

“Yes, he has to cry. But through our tears, the tears of my son, the tears of an athlete, the football magic will last one more night, after which Neymar will rise up to win again, as he always has.”


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