Milan Lawyer on Zlatan Ibrahimovic-Romelu Lukaku Conflict: Donkey or Monkey?


AC Milan lawyer Leandro Cantamessa has spoken out about the altercation between Rossoneri striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Inter forward Romelu Lukaku during the Italian Cup quarter-final between the clubs.

“Donkey or monkey? Ibra told him donkey. Literally donkey. In sport it means ‘non-technical’,” Cantamessa told Corriere dello Sport.

He added: “There are no accusations [of racism]. To consider someone who has lived almost in the ghetto a racist is absurd and grotesque.

“I don’t know Lukaku personally, but my pupil Kikko Capellini, who is now Inter’s lawyer, has always told me that he is a very intelligent man. Lukaku has to respond in the abstract to some phrases, but I don’t understand which ones.”

“Ibrahimovic created his image himself, but it’s a joke. In fact, he’s not rude at all. I remember well the moment when he and Tiago Silva left AC Milan. Zlatan didn’t want to and he regretted it. He had an emotional bond with the city and Milan was his destiny,” he said.


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