Mikel Arteta Calls for Better Protection against Online Violence


Mikel Arteta says that better protection against online violence is necessary for football.

After all, his family has received threats this season.

Asked whether he had received any threats himself, Arteta said according to The Guardian: “I’d prefer not to [speak about it] but I think we’re all exposed to that in this industry. That’s why I’d prefer not to read it because it would affect me personally much more the moment somebody wants to touch my family. Because it happened, the club was aware of it and we tried to do something about it.

“That’s it. We have to live with it. It’s not going to stop tomorrow, we know what, but medium or long-term can we do something about it? That’s what I am pushing for.”

Arteta made clear that the involvement of his family crossed a line.

“I’m not the only person suffering these types of things,” he said. “When you’re winning, everything is beautiful and you are incredible and you are the best coach, but when you lose it’s completely the opposite. That’s reality. It’s not pleasant when they go personal against me, but I can take it. When a family is involved, then it’s a different story.”


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