Manchester United Head Coach: We Won’t Let City Pull Away


Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has summed up the results of the 1-1 win over West Bromwich in round 24 of the EPL.

“I said we shouldn’t be talked about in the context of the title race – such talk was a compliment. But we won’t let City pull away – we have a match against them soon. We won’t give the title away so early. Absolutely not,” Solskjaer said to BBC.

“We knew from the start it was going to happen, we knew they were going to put pressure on us, they were going to make throws into the penalty area,” he said.

“They made a good cross – and the guy did a great job of closing it down.”

“We scored our own goal as a result of pressure as well, but sometimes none of our players went to the flanks to put pressure,” he said.

“We need to play better and now we’ve got ourselves a tough start to the match. We had 90 minutes to rectify the situation, but we couldn’t find the right rhythm until the end of the first half,” he added.


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