Manchester United Defender and Captain: People Want Us to Fail


Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has spoken out about how he feels about people criticizing the club.

“Man Utd is the most talked about club in the world. A lot of people don’t want us to succeed. A lot of people want us to fail. That’s the world we live in. I’m used to it by now,” Maguire said on the club’s podcast.

“I like that. I don’t mind it at all. When I pick up my first trophy at this club, I’ll smile broadly, knowing that a lot of people didn’t want us to achieve that,” he said, however.

“Certainly, we need to win trophies at this club. We need to become competitive to compete for the APL title and then we need to start winning the biggest tournaments in the world.”

Manchester United are in second place in the EPL, three points behind Manchester City.


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