Manchester City Head Coach Discusses If They’ll Win EPL


After Manchester City’s 4-1 win over Liverpool, head coach Pep Guardiola has responded to the question of whether the EPL title race is already over in their favor.

“When we try to predict the future too hastily, sport is quick to punish for it, as we see from the past. A simple example: Liverpool, one of the best teams I’ve ever seen in my life, have produced an incredible streak of 68 games without defeat at home,” Guardiola shared his thoughts to Liverpool Echo.

“Destroying opponents, winning big, winning in the final minutes, three seasons without defeat. Then suddenly, for some unknown reason, three home losses in a row,” he said.

“Do you think that will not happen to us? It can happen to us too, of course. It can happen in one week and you lose 3 out of 4 matches after a losing streak. All the praise goes because we are winning – but we are the same team as before.”

He further said: “Two or three months ago we had no chance of becoming champions, of reaching the Champions League, but now we are ready. Maybe we don’t need to play in the Premier League anymore, we are already champions. I do not understand why we have to play against Tottenham, against Everton? We are already champions.

“The situation is changing. I understand why people say that. When we win, we are champions, when we don’t win, we are not. The best way to avoid these abnormal discussions is to think about the next match, to try to win to continue our winning streak, keeping in mind that we could lose tomorrow and the day after that.

“Nothing lasts forever, there is no perfection. Just because we have won in the past does not mean we will win in the future.”


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