Liverpool Head Coach after 2-0 Win in Champions League: Leipzig Can Be a Real Monster


Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has summed up the match against RB Leipzig (2-0) in the Champions League 1/8 final.

“Leipzig can be a real monster, they have outscored other teams, they are very well prepared physically. Today we controlled them in an exceptional way. We played a really good match and got the result we deserved,” Klopp said to BBC.

“We defended well and took the ball well. It was a tough game, considering that it was only a couple of days since the last match. It was only the first match.”

“We wanted a match like that, we needed a match like that,” he said about winning.

“We know a lot of people were expecting us to fall behind again. For two years we were really good and this year we have problems, that’s normal. A lot of people expected us to fail again, but the guys didn’t.”


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