Lionel Messi’s Leaked Contract Reveals Insane Clauses


Lionel Messi recently had his Barcelona contract leaked via a newspaper.

And there are some clauses in the contract that looks insane.

They were published by Ole, and here are some:

  • The strangest clause is related to the independence of Catalonia. Namely, the contract stated that Messi could leave the club without compensation if Catalonia seceded from Spain because in that case, Barcelona would probably not play in La Liga.
  • One of the clauses concerns loyalty and it amounts to 66.2 million euros. This is the amount that Messi will earn the day he decides to leave Barcelona. So, he will be rewarded for staying at the club. Xavi and Andres Iniesta had similar clauses.
  • The contract also contains clauses that are activated depending on the placement in the Champions League and winning titles in La Liga and the King’s Cup.
  • Messi also had a bonus for receiving cash compensation if FIFA awarded him the title of the best player in the world.
  • The Argentine would also receive bonuses if he played at least 60 per cent of the games for the club in one season, including matches in which he spent at least 45 minutes on the field. This is different from the contracts of other players who were required to score a minimum of 60 minutes per game.


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