Lazio Head Coach Talks on 1-3 Loss to Inter


Simone Inzaghi, Lazio head coach, has reacted to the 1-3 defeat to Inter in Serie A.

“We are sorry because we probably could have achieved more,” the coach told Sky Sport Italia.

He continued: “We knew Inter could play like that. We possessed the ball more, outclassed them twice in assists, so the regrets are understandable after the 1-3 scoreline.

“We were too annoyed, penalties like that happen. Inter were good, defending deeply, and we had trouble finding open space.

“Once we got back into the game, we couldn’t let them immediately score a third goal on the counterattack. Lazio played well but could have done better.

“I congratulated my team and explained to the lads that the penalty looked doubtful but, if you watch the moment again, you will notice the touch. The players were upset because the referee [Michael Fabbri] was very determined to point three seconds later, it made them angry.

“I would have preferred the referee to watch the moment himself. Had he done so, my players might have been less upset.”


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