Inter Head Coach: Today, We Scared Juventus


Inter head coach Antonio Conte has commented on the Italian Cup exit after the match against Juventus (0-0, first leg 1-2).

“We always try to go as high as possible, even in the Champions League. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes not. We need to keep working to achieve what we want, but it hasn’t happened yet,” said Conte to Rai1.

“The journey has just begun, we are learning from our mistakes and continuing to work. But Inter have regained credibility. Our opponents are afraid of us and today we scared Juventus.”

“I think we should have realized the chances we created. In those 180 minutes, we saw teams fighting until the end. We paid the price for the result of the first match, for the gifts to Juventus,” the coach elaborated about the match.

“We tried to score until the very end, it would have been more difficult for them. When you make mistakes, you have to try to learn from them and then start again.”


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