Guardiola on Klopp Saying City Got Two Weeks Off Due to Coronavirus: Thought Jurgen Wasn’t That Kind of Coach


Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola has commented on Jurgen Klopp’s words.

The German, in charge of Liverpool, was referring to City’s coronavirus outbreak over Christmas.

He suggested that as a result of that, Guardiola’s team had two weeks off.

And Guardiola said to The Guardian: “I’ll ask Jurgen tomorrow when I see him what kind of break we had. I’m surprised. Thought Jurgen wasn’t that kind of coach, didn’t expect that comment. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.”

“He has made a mistake. Jurgen needs to look at the calendar again. There was a coronavirus at the club, we had one week [without football] and we played with 14 players at Stamford Bridge,” Pep said.


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