Former Liverpool Midfielder: Fernando Torres Left for Chelsea- and It Broke My Heart


Former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard has shared his memories of former forward Fernando Torres’ departure to Chelsea.

“I didn’t play with Torres long enough. He left for Chelsea – and it broke my heart. I felt very, very bad. We worked hard to get as close to the trophies as possible, to fight for every title,” Gerrard said on Robbie Fowler’s podcast.

Gerrard, now in charge of Rangers, continued: “We at Liverpool felt we were taking big steps forward, developing rapidly, but at a key moment for the team a great player left it. It took time to recover.

“I spoke with Fernando, trying to persuade him to stay. We also discussed this with his agent. But they made a decision on which I had no influence. It was very painful.

“With Torres I scored a lot. I was at my peak and felt great. I understand everyone has their own situation, dreams and paths to them. Not everyone is a local player who adores their home club. I understand and respect that, but it’s still very sad when someone leaves.”


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