Former Italy Coach on Champions League: Bayern Munich and Manchester City Are Ahead


Former Italian coach Marcello Lippi says the favorites to win the Champions League are Manchester City and Bayern Munich and maintains that five clubs can still be crowned Serie A champions.

“I think Bayern Munich and Manchester City are slightly ahead of the others. Bayern has the best team in Europe, City has won 16 Premier League games in a row. They are the most dangerous clubs,” the 2006 Italy World Cup winner told Radio 1.

He continued: “We go from Inter’s 50 points to Roma’s 43 with Napoli and Juve who have a match in hand. Those four-five clubs will be title challengers until the end.

“Juventus still need to find their identity, they’ve changed a lot and they haven’t had a chance to try new things, except in league games. Milan is still in the race, they are one point off the table leaders, they fixed the problems they used to have, adding some depth to their squad.

“They have more awareness and self-esteem.”

“This is a strange season,” Lippi admitted.


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