Cafu Discussed Real Madrid Defenders


Former Milan and Brazil national team defender Cafu has spoken to Marca about Real Madrid defenders.

The interview went something like this:

Question: Some say Marcelo is lazy. What do you think?

Answer: He is a phenomenon, fantastic and technical player. He connects to the attack, he is not afraid to go around one-on-one. He can still give Real Madrid a lot, he can do anything at any moment of the match.

Question: Is he Cafu on the left wing?

Answer: No (laughs). I would rather people say I am Marcelo of the right wing. He is a great player.

Question: What do you think of Sergio Ramos?

Answer: He is the best defender in the world, without a doubt, very good in terms of technique and tactics. He is a great captain and leader who always leads his team. I would like to have him in the team.


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