Barcelona Defender and Striker Fought in 1-4 Loss to PSG in Champions League


Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and Blaugrana striker Antoine Griezmann had a fight in the opening leg of the Champions League 1/8 final against PSG (1-4), writes AS.


This was how the fight went:

Pique: Not one fucking long period of possession, dammit. S**t, get it together!

Griezmann: Take it easy.

Pique: Not one decent period of possession, for f**k’s sake.

Griezmann: That’s enough, Geri, take it easy.

Pique: F**k’s sake, Grizi, it’s f***king hell!

Griezmann: F**k off.

Pique: No, f**k off yourself. We’ve been suffering like this for five minutes now.

Griezmann: Don’t yell.

Pique: F***ing hell, we’re running around like crazy.

Griezmann: I’m running too.


So, Pique complained to his team-mates that Barcelona had been unable to hold the ball for long periods, just before a Parisian corner in the 38th minute.


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