Barcelona Defender: 85% of La Liga Referees Are Fans of Real Madrid


Barcelona defender Gerard Pique claims to have heard from a former referee that 85 per cent of Spain’s match officials have a preference for Real Madrid.

“A former referee, I don’t remember who he was, said that 85% of the referees are fans of [Real] Madrid,” Pique said in an interview on YouTube channel Post United.

“It is a statistic you look at [and think], how can they not whistle in favour of Madrid? Unconsciously, but how are they not going to give more to one side than the other?”

Pique thus indicated that during games, perhaps subconsciously, it would be hard for them not to prefer Los Blancos.

Over the past 12 years, Pique has won La Liga eight times with Barcelona.

And he thinks that if there is ever a 50/50 decision or a referee is unaware of anything, the large majority will actually benefit Real from any suspicions:

“I totally respect the professionalism of the referees. I know they try to do the best job possible, but when there is a moment of doubt…?”


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