Antonio Rüdiger: Trophies Are in Chelsea’s DNA


Chelsea defender Antonio Rüdiger believes trophies are habitual for the London team.

“Trophies are in Chelsea’s DNA. We are always wanted to win,” said Rüdiger to Sky Sports.

“We are still in the FA Cup, in the Champions League, and as far as the Premier League is concerned, you never know what can happen in the Championship.

“But I don’t want to start dreaming about something like that because you have to stay realistic. We’re on the right track, the goal in the EPL is to get into the top 4.

“If we pull off a miracle, so be it, but let’s not get away from reality.”

The Londoners have 39 points in the English championship and are in fifth place in the table.

Meanwhile, Liverpool are in fourth, with 40 points and a game left.


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