Andrea Pirlo on Gennaro Gattuso: Sorry about Rino’s Situation, But I’ve to Think about My Problems


Andrea Pirlo is sorry for his friend and former teammate Gennaro Gattuso, whose work is hanging by a thread ahead of Juventus hosting Napoli.

“I’m sorry about Rino’s situation, but I have to think about my problems. We want to do well and are trying to win games,” Pirlo said about Gattuso.

So, while the struggles of Gattuso at Napoli have won Pirlo’s sympathy, the manager of Juventus is still eyeing victory.

He maintained that it was the leadership of the club that had to address any questions about his future.

“It’s part of our job, but we are always minded to do our best,” he said.

“The games are important, then it can happen that there may be some difficult moments.”


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