ALK Capital, managed by Alan Pace, May Buy Spezia


The American groups are in early talks to purchase Spezia, being managed by Alan Pace (who just bought Burnley) and Michael Dell, according to Milano Finanza.

The investors are designated by Milano Finanza as ALK Capital and MSD Capital.

The first is managed by Alan Pace, a businessman who has only just completed the £ 170 million takeovers of Premier League club Burnley, owning 84% of the shares.

The other belongs to Dell Technologies’ founder’s family office.

The owners of Burnley may thus be buying a club in Italy.

Over the last few days, there have been several rumours that Spezia was on the brink of taking over after patron Gabriele Volpi led them to their first-ever Serie A season.

This report states that investors are prepared to pay €25m to purchase Spezia.


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