Women’s Super League star Tara Moxon opens up on racism in rugby

Source : Sky Sports

When the Women’s Super League season kicks off in 2021, one player worth keeping an eye on is Leeds Rhinos recruit Tara Moxon. The 23-year old spent the best part of her teenage years playing rugby union, before switching codes in 2019 to join Wakefield Trinity, but in October last year the Rhinos managed to capture her signature.

“It was the most magical upbringing I could ever imagine,” Moxon said. “Going to the beach two or three times a week, going fishing on Sunday’s, playing golf – it was really nice. It’s made me really mindful and really empathetic to people of different heritages and people of different race and different skin colour.”

“I think it could have easily done, but because of my personality and character of persevering and just for the pure love of the sport that it hasn’t done,” she added. “I have seen it hinder other people’s career paths in rugby. It’s really to do with grassroots level rugby where there’s not much regulation on these types of situations and I remember the first team that I started playing with, I was the only person of colour there.”

“It didn’t bother me too much, because I actually love rugby. We did manage to recruit some other women of colour and they just didn’t really last very long within the community. They were really good players.” Moxon continued. “I think because the community felt a bit hostile to them and it just didn’t seem like a very inclusive environment. Microaggressions, unconscious bias depending on whether they were played or not, positions they were put in, they just didn’t want to play.”


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