Warrington Wolves CEO Karl Fitzpatrick ‘incredibly proud’ of rugby league

Source : Sky Sports

Warrington Wolves CEO Karl Fitzpatrick has told Sky Sports he is “incredibly proud” of all associated with the sport of rugby league, for how they have handled the impact of Covid-19. Fitzpatrick paid tribute to the sport in the wake of news the Super League season has been delayed by two weeks to March 25.

“It’s been absolutely incredible,” Fitzpatrick said. “The hurdles, the challenges, that have been continually thrown at the game. However I’m so proud to be involved in a rugby league, because the adaptability, the nimbleness, the ability to basically do whatever it takes to ensure the game has a future and survive have been incredible.”

“And that’s right through the players. When the rest of the world was social distancing and staying apart – and continuing to do so – the players have been going into battle, grappling, wrestling, tackling each other. Doing all that on reduced pay as well. It’s been simply remarkable.” he added. “Then you look at the governing body, and they are dealing with the situation fantastically well. They managed to secure a loan from the government before any other sport.”

“Then you look at Super League, who has been the driving force behind putting games on. Changing fixtures, rescheduling the season, and as you are aware we have just announced we are moving the season back slightly. And again that just shows how adaptable the sport is, and you need to be in these times.” Fitzpatrick continued. “I am so proud of the sport and what we are doing at the moment. And I am very confident due to the willingness, the attitude of the players, staff, RL and Super League, that we will come out the other side.”




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