Strength and conditioning head Greg Brown back at Huddersfield Giants to get them fighting fit

Source : Sky Sports

Even if you do not necessarily know his name, the chances are Greg Brown will be instantly recognisable to regular watchers of Super League. The strength and conditioning coach can often be seen alongside Ian Watson on gameday, although this year it will be wearing different club colours after the pair, along with rehabilitation conditioner Carl Foulstone, swapped Salford Red Devils for Huddersfield Giants.

“I don’t think there would be anyone in my role at any team where this wouldn’t be their favourite time of year,” Brown said. “It’s the most stressful time, but it’s a time when you get to have the biggest involvement with the players. If you do a decent job collectively as a group of staff and a team of players, you give yourself a chance to perform at the important times of the year.”

“I actually came from a background more looking after injured athletes and returning them to being fully fit athletes,” he added. “Off the back of that, I started to spend more time looking at the team rather than looking after individuals, and then it developed from there.”

“Generally, in our roles, most people see physios as being quite protective and cautious with players and the other perception is S&Cs spend most of the time flogging players to get them fit.” Brown continued. “I think my background in rehab kind of puts me somewhere in the middle. I have a really good appreciation of the protection of players but then on the strength and conditioning side the performance of players, so I think it gives me a really good balance.”


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