Nic Evans calls for more research into impact of concussion on women rugby players

Source : Sky Sports

Nic Evans has called for more research to be done on the effects of concussion in women’s rugby to take the sport to “a better place so that it can continue”. A study has recently revealed that women are affected more than men when it comes to concussions. Evans said that during her nine-year playing career she suffered a number of such injuries including a concussive seizure sustained in a Wasps Ladies’ testimonial.

“If you look at all the research on concussion on females it is inconclusive whether or not there is the same length of time that is needed for the men and women’s game.” Evans said. “There is some research that says concussion symptoms can last longer [for women]. Are we putting women and girls at more risk by bringing them back too early? If our brains, physiology is different then that needs to be taken into consideration in World Rugby’s concussion protocols.”

Evans called out World Rugby, the governing body of the spot to be “brave” in implementing changes in the lawn based on the findings of these studies. The potential for long-term brain injuries within sportspeople is the subject of an ongoing inquiry by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee.



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