Kevin Sinfield’s ‘7 in 7 Challenge’ raises £2.2m for Motor Neurone Disease Association

Source : Sky Sports

Kevin Sinfield managed to raise a whooping £2.2m for Motor Neurone Disease Association by organizing the ‘7 in 7 Challenge’. His inspiration behind the donation drive was his ex Leeds teammate Rob Burrow who was diagnosed with the disease. Sinfield completed 7 marathons in the space of 7 days with his achievement contributing to a total of £5.7m raised.  £1.25m will go to the frontline services, £300,000 to local support while £655,000 attributed to research into the disease.

“The MND Association has been absolutely wonderful; the support, the knowledge, the ability to educate our team has really helped us put a plan together,” Sinfield said. “You can go into this blind, there’s all that money and, in effect, we were happy to hand it over and say, ‘You spend it where it’s needed.”

“Kevin was impressed by the breadth of the work we undertake and was particularly keen to support those services which have benefited Rob and his family – having seen first-hand the positive impact of those.” MND Association’s chief executive Sally Light said. “This money will make such a real difference not only now but into the future as we use it to explore new ways of providing support and driving research.”


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