Hull FC signing Josh Reynolds settles into new life ahead of Super League stint

Source : Sky Sports

Josh Reynolds used to live in an apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour. Now, though, the view from his home is that of the Queen’s Gardens in Hull city centre. It was the start of December when the 31-year-old decided to bid farewell to the NRL and his home in Australia after signing a two-year contract with the option of a third at Hull FC, arriving to begin his new life in East Yorkshire just over a month ago.

“It’s a little bit different, but it’s good,” Reynolds said. “Minus the lockdown, I’m enjoying it. It’s obviously a different experience from back home, but it’s a challenge and probably the most I’ve been challenged in a pre-season, to be completely honest.”

“It’s not that the training is harder than back home, but it’s the conditions, the pitch and just adapting to new things on and off the field. It’s a good little challenge in itself.” he added. “He made sure I knew what I did well, and always reminded me of those things and helped me out a lot.”

“I was playing with the likes of Mick Ennis, who was really big for me,” Reynolds said. “The way he played and the way I played was a tad similar – not in skill, but the little things. He always made me back myself and that’s one thing I think helped me a lot. You always have self-doubt, especially when you’re young and being in the halves, but he was always good for a chat.”



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