Former Leeds Rhinos captain Stevie Ward says UK Government summit on brain injuries was ‘positive’

Source : Sky Sports

Former Leeds Rhinos captain Stevie Ward has described a recent UK Government summit on brain injuries in sport as a “positive experience”. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden and Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston have been gathering evidence from leading sports figures and governing bodies, who they will then encourage to make recommendations on how to improve player welfare.

“It was a positive experience in the way that it feels like there’s some action being taken,” Ward said. “I think we’re in a time at the minute where there’s a culmination of different anecdotes and different experiences from people across a range of different sports.”

“I felt like the talk was part of the momentum. It was a privilege to be involved in it and I’m grateful that I can be part of the improvements going forward,” he added.

“I think we need to get to an open understanding of concussion in sport – the effects of it, the symptoms of it, the different types of concussion – and the nature of what can come from getting repeated knocks and how we can better improve the care.” Ward continued. “That’s where I think we want to go and I just feel if we can gather information from each sport – what’s worked, what’s not worked – then that’s a good starting point.”


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