Ellis Genge calls on social media companies to start verifying users after receiving death threats

Source : Sky Sports

Ellis Genge has called on social media companies to verify users after he received death threats from anonymous accounts during the Six Nations. The prop’s family were also being targetted and he says that he was more affected by nameless accounts rather than the content of the messages.

“I wasn’t too bothered about it, to be honest,” Genge said. “I honestly wouldn’t be bothered at all, it’s more so the fake accounts that wind me up, not the actual verbals coming from them. I’m not a big fan of people hiding behind keyboards. If it was a normal account. ”

“Yeah a little bit, especially when they start ciphering through and they find your family and start commenting on their stuff.” he added. “But I think social media is one of the best things about the sport because you get to see all the different, diverse parts of it.”

Genge has said that he is aware of the difficulties involved in implementation but has also said that he would like to see people being held accountable for their words.




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