UEFA Champions League Launch a TikTok Channel

UEFA Champions League Launch a TikTok Channel

The UEFA Champions League officially launched their TikTok today, April 6th! So, the day has arrived that the UEFA Champions League launch with a TikTok channel.

This news is unsurprising, as only two months ago, fans received news of an official partnership: UEFA Euro 2021 and TikTok to Be Partners.

@ChampionsLeague is the moniker they have assumed on the app, and they wish to entertain their fans globally.

They aim to cover the tournament’s rich history, it’s greatest moments and greatest players, all through bite-sized videos.

Behind the scene footage, iconic moments shared through unique storytelling, and more – Champions League offer exciting updates in short-form.

Champions League already have a following of 185 million social media followers across their social media platform.

This number will soon rise again, after their TikTok takes off! They hope to reach audiences across the 150 countries and 75 languages that enjoy TikTok.

After all, the younger generations, which prefer online content over broadcasting, are an unexplored demographic for the historic tournament.


Watch UEFA Champions League launch a TikTok channel under the following handle (along with handles for other online media):

TikTok: @ChampionsLeague

Website: UEFA.com/uefachampionsleague
App: Official UEFA Champions League
Instagram: @ChampionsLeague
Facebook: @ChampionsLeague
Twitter: @ChampionsLeague
VK (Russian): @ChampionsLeague
Sina Weibo (Chinese): @uefacn
Twitter (Spanish): @LigadeCampeones
Twitter (Japanese): @UCLJapan



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