Turkish Super Lig to Resume on June 12 with Approval from TFF


The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) chief, Nihat Ozdemir, has announced that the Turkish Super Lig will start playing on June 12.

“For now, in the week of June 12-13-14, we agreed to launch our postponed Super League, TFF 1st League, 2nd League, 3rd League and Regional Amateur Leagues, even though we have various scenarios,” a statement released by Ozdemir stated.

Turkey was one of the last European countries to put a stop to athletic activity, with the overwhelming majority of governing bodies still placing an end to their respective tournaments in an effort to limit Covid-19’s expansion.

So, with all of the country’s football activities suspended on March 18 owing to the coronavirus pandemic, Turkey might end up becoming the country that has been without football for the shortest length of time.

The TFF Chief’s statement further read:

“We are facing one of the most difficult times in human history. The coronavirus outbreak that has arisen in China has infected the planet and continues to be effective even after 5 months. Through our state’s policies, we are among the countries that have taken the quickest steps in sport. After the first cases seen in Turkey on 11 March, we played our matches without spectators; we stopped our league after the first fatal cases.

“We made comparisons of all the agencies and organisations within the framework of the Normalization Plan developed by our state. We understand the complexity and responsibility of our task. We drew up a path map taking into consideration all the circumstances. We would like to notify you now of our decision, which the popular sentiment is waiting for.

“The Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee will determine whether and in what circumstances the tournaments should be conducted. Through that process, we must notify all our clubs about the standards that will arise at the conclusion of the process, which will incorporate the recommendations provided by the Science Board along with our Health Board.

“Hopefully we’re going to finish our leagues in the best way by the end of July, we’re going to give our trophies on the field and we’re going to crown the season by hosting the UEFA Champions League final in our nation in August.”

Such are the steps being made by the TFF to restart action as early as mid-June.


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