She protested racism. The USOC reprimanded her. Now she wants more than just an apology


Gwen Berry is an Olympic hammer thrower who was reprimanded by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. It was during a podium finish by the athlete during the Pan-American Games when Gwen Berry had raised a fist in the air as a mark of protesting the injustices and inequalities suffered by African Americans.

Two weeks later she was issued a formal reprimand and a one year probation by USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland. It is ironic then that when the hammer thrower was protesting on the streets alongside 60,000 others in Houston, when the player’s phone began buzzing from messages from lots of people.

She protested racism. The USOC reprimanded her. Now she wants more than just an apology

The messages were informing her of USOPC and their message of ‘solidarity, equality and change’.

Gwen says, “And I was in shock. It was ridiculous. I was in the midst of walking, and standing, and protesting with my people, with the folks who are in distress like me. I could not believe that they did that.”

She added, “It’s insane. Because most of these companies, most of these establishments, it’s obvious and blatant that they are only putting out statements about racism because it is the thing to do now. That’s what hurts my feelings the most. It’s the disrespect and disregard for the sincerity of what’s actually going on in this world. For you to be so hypocritical … it’s just disgusting.”

She retweeted Sarah Hirshland’s apology tweet while adding, “I want an apology letter .. mailed .. just like you and the IOC MAILED ME WHEN YOU PUT ME ON PROBATION.. stop playing with me.”

Gwen continued in the interview, “I want to make sure that people understand how imperative it is for this not to just be a moment, or a fad. This has to have a lasting impact. It’s absolutely ridiculous that you can be mad at me for a song, but you can’t be mad that innocent lives are being taken. That’s insanity to me.”



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