Milan Technical Director: We Are the Youngest Team in Italy


Milan technical director Paolo Maldini has shared his opinion on the current state of the club.

“I have to say that we have now found a balance. Milan have lowered the average age of the players, they are the youngest team in Italy, one of the youngest in Europe,” Maldini stated to So Foot.

He reasoned: “Believe me – Milan haven’t reached the Champions League for eight years, but when AC Milan call, players all over the world start dreaming about it. Of course, we are looking to the future, but the past must be respected, it matters.

“When your name is AC Milan and you call out a player… We are one of the three most successful clubs in the world. We should always remember that.”

“The path has been paved. But we had to be careful not to buy players just because they are young. We need to have more experienced players who will lead the youngsters. These are the basics,” he added.


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