Hockey: “With the future in mind, the Indian hockey team requires more drag-flickers.” Dilip Tirkey

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Hockey: It was in 1995 that a youthful Dilip Tirkey made his professional hockey debut. In the game, India was pitted against England, and Tirkey was given the chance to show off his skills on the grandest stage possible. The rest, as they say, is history, as the players went on to become one of the best defenders the country has ever seen, as well as playing a record 412 matches for the country. Tirkey, who has also served as the national team’s captain, competed in three Olympic Games for India (1996 Atalanta, 2000 Sydney, and 2004 Athens) before retiring in 2010.

In the late 1980s, a word known as “drag-flick” entered the hockey world, and it quickly garnered tremendous popularity due to its importance in the game. Players’ hockey sticks were soon developed in such a way that they could support the slinging movement of the shot. Meanwhile, with the help of protective gear such as shin and knee protectors, goggles, and mouth guards, defending players were able to behave a little more fearlessly. Despite this, the drag-flick is just as essential as any other shot in the game.

Former India captain Dilip Tirkey spoke to SportsTiger about his thoughts on the matter. India could have better drag-flick specialists, according to the former India defender, who was famous for his penalty corner hit.

Tirkey, the team with the best drag-flickers and a high conversion rate on PCs, is crowned champion

Teams with better drag-flickers and high penalty corner conversion rates, according to the former India player, have a higher chance of becoming champions.

“…India’s drag flickers have done well so far, including Rupinder Pal Singh. However, more drag-flickers are needed in Indian hockey’s future. This is because in global hockey, the team with the best drag-flickers and a high penalty corner conversion rate is crowned champion “Tirkey told SportsTiger that

“The drag-flicker plays a crucial role in the game. We should also consider how we might improve future flickers “Added he.

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