Athletic Club Will Issue Independent Stress Tests Separate from Mandatory COVID-19 Tests


In addition to La Liga’s standard coronavirus testing, it is now a possibility that Athletic Club will carry out their own stress tests and analyses on the participants, Marca reports.

Training sessions for the tournament will start as soon as La Liga reports the results of the COVID-19 tests with the clubs. After such evaluations are completed, players may have to wait 48 hours to return to training.

Both players’ physical health as well as their mental resilience would be of considerable significance if La Liga Santander gets back on track, as the possibility of muscle injury can increase after nearly two months out of practice.

Hence, the Basque club’s doctors will adopt a procedure close to the one that the squad carries out before the pre-season preparations began. La Liga’s procedure specifies the players must arrive at the training ground fully clothed and leave without using the showers in the first days of preparation.

The club has arranged all the required facilities to host individual sessions, but the training will not resume in any case until Wednesday, May 6.

During the lockout, Athletic’s members conducted medical reviews from their own houses, but that is not as comprehensive as the evaluations that they will carry out.



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