Zhu Xueying, a Chinese gymnast, claims her gold medal from the Tokyo Olympics is peeling away and publishes photos

Zhu Xueying
Source: Getty Images

The quality of the medals handed to participants at the just-finished Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has been questioned by Chinese Olympian Zhu Xueying. Her gold medal, she claims, is already flaking. The trampoline gymnast even resorted to the Chinese social media site Weibo to upload images that appear to show bits of her Olympic medal beginning to fall off weeks after it was presented to her in Tokyo.

In the Women’s Individual Trampoline event at Gymnastics, Zhu Xueying won gold with a score of 56.635, beating her compatriot Liu Lingling and Team Great Britain’s Bryony Page, who took silver.

The cloth on the upper side of the 23-year-medal old’s is plainly falling off, as seen in the images she shared.

“Can your medal… peel off like this?” she wondered as she captioned photographs of the medal on social media.

“Allow me to explain… I didn’t mean to peel the thing off at first; I just noticed a small mark (like the one in the picture) on my medal, so I did “On the social media site, Xueying wrote: (via The Global Times).

I “I assumed it was probably just dirt,” she explained, “so I brushed it with my finger and nothing changed, so I picked at it and the mark became wider.”

Take a look at the photos here:

The athlete stated that she first posted to check if other athletes had had the same issue, but her post went viral and received nearly 20,000 comments, with many fans unable to believe that the medal was of inferior quality.

The International Olympic Committee, on the other hand, has dismissed any concerns about the prize’s quality, claiming that the protective coating, not the medal’s gold plating, is peeling.

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