Sumit Malik: Olympic bound Indian Wrestler fails the dope test

Indian Wrestler fails
Source: Times of India

This is the second time when an Indian Wrestler fails the dope test before the Olympics.

A big update is coming in regards to the Tokyo Olympics, an Indian Wrestler, Sumit Malik fails the dope test during the recent qualifiers in Bulgaria before going to the mega event. This is a complete shock of the Indian fans when there are only seven weeks left for the summer games.

Also, this is not the first time when an Indian wrestler fails the test. Before him, Narsingh Pancham Yadav had also failed to clear the dope test before the Olympics. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, he was subsequently handed a four-year ban.

Sumit Malik, who was the 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medalist has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in the category of 125 kg at the Bulgaria event. It was the last chance for all the wrestlers to earn their position. But, due to not qualify for the dope test, he may have to see the consequences in future. Maybe he will be ban from sports.

Sumit malik can be banned from the Sport

“The United World Wrestling (UWW) informed the Wrestling Federation of India yesterday that Sumit has failed the dope test. Now he has to give his B sample son June 10,” a Wrestling Federation of India sources was quoted as saying in a PTI report.

The source added: “He must have taken something unknowingly. Maybe he was taking some Ayurvedic medicine to treat his injured kneed and that might have contained some banned substances.”

Now all are waiting for Sumit Malik B test, If his B report also tests positive, then he can be banned from the sport permanently.

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