Kelsey Mitchell, an Olympic gold medalist, devises a hilarious joke at a security check-in Tokyo

Kelsey Mitchell
Source: Instagram

The just-finished Tokyo Olympics 2020 provided a sporting extravaganza, with competitors from all around the world demonstrating their abilities. Off the field, though, there were some incredible occurrences that drew everyone’s attention. In the last few days, a slew of emotional videos of Olympians being greeted by their children at the airport has gone viral on social media. Among all of this, there is one video that has gotten everyone’s attention. Kelsey Mitchell, a Canadian Olympian who won gold in the cycling sprint at Tokyo 2020, is the star of the video.

During a security check-in in Japan, the 27-year-old, Kelsey Mitchell pulled off a brilliant prank that was both baffling and entertaining for the security officers there.

When you’re a comedian who also happens to be an Olympic gold medallist!

The athlete can be seen walking through a metal detector in the footage, which begins to beep as soon as she passes through it. The security crew immediately become aware of her presence and rushes towards her in an attempt to stop her. Kelsey Mitchell exposes the secret behind the events at this point.

The athlete put on a show to fool everyone into thinking she was unaware of what was going on. She instantly removed her Olympic gold medal, which had been hidden beneath her t-shirt. She burst out laughing as soon as she got the medal out, having pulled off the prank perfectly.

Instead, the security personnel and volunteers there began to clap, which was incredibly lovely to witness. The cyclist’s efforts and astounding performance at Tokyo 2020, when she clinched a historic gold medal for Canada, were lauded.

Kelsey Mitchell posted the video to her Instagram account along with a lengthy thank-you letter to everyone in Japan. She added in her post, “Japan gets a shout-out! I didn’t get a chance to see much of this nation… I hadn’t even eaten any sushi!!! THE PEOPLE, ON THE OTHER HAND, WERE AMAZING! They were so nice, courteous, helpful, upbeat, and cheerful, and they even laughed at my jokes (bonus!!).”

Here’s the video:

“Thank you, Japan, for hosting the Olympics, for allowing people to pursue and achieve their ambitions, and for demonstrating the power of sport to the rest of the world!” she said. Mitchell emphasised her enthusiasm for the Paralympics, which have begun in Tokyo, near the end of the piece.

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