Jack Laugher wins bronze in the 3m springboard diving final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

3m springboard
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Jack Laugher won his third Olympic medal; Xie Siyi and Wang Zongyuan of China win gold and silver, respectively. James Heatly comes in ninth place. At the Tokyo Aquatics Centre, Jack Laugher won bronze in the men’s 3m springboard final, earning him his third Olympic medal.

Xie Siyi grabbed the first position, with Chinese compatriot Wang Zongyuan finishing second. The 26-year-old from Harrogate won gold and silver at Rio 2016, and he completed the set by claiming a podium slot.

Laugher put in a solid performance, scoring 81 points in each of his six dives, with a high of 96.9 from his forward four-and-a-half somersaults tuck.

James Heatly, a fellow Briton who qualified fourth, was unable to recover from a poor first dive in the 12-strong final and ended ninth.

Laugher was on the podium the entire competition, but his third and fourth dives fell short of the judges’ expectations, and he finished with 518.00 points.

Xie, a two-time world champion who also won the men’s synchronised 3m springboard in Tokyo, proved to be the field’s class act after missing the 2016 Rio Olympics due to injuries.

With 558.75 points, he finished considerably ahead of Laugher, who came in second with 534.90 points.

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