Stefano Domenicali says F1 drivers can be role models and help highlight issues in society

Source : Sky Sports

New F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has further explained how the sport’s drivers can act as role models and use their platform to help shed light on important issues in society.  Reiterating comments he first made to Sky Sports F1 last month, when he described the 20 drivers as “ambassadors” and the “soul of the sport”, the Italian said he would be talking to them ahead of the season to empathise the powerful role they can play.

“We cannot lose the opportunity in making sure they understand they are more than drivers, they have a big responsibility because they are the face of our sport,” Domenicali said. “They have to understand that their behaviour and their words and a lead-by-example approach is what I am expecting to share with them. I want to share how I believe we should work together also in using our platform and their role model to push for issues that are important for our society.”

“Lewis is really very important to F1 because he is embracing other values and bringing them into the discussion and putting his face to points out of the normal sport.” he added. “I would say that it was pretty clear what he did was not acceptable. But I think that he was apologetic as a reaction to what he did and we need to make sure that in the discussions that we will have…that they understand we cannot joke about certain things. It’s not possible.”



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